Saturday, April 15, 2023

Ferrari Testarossa - King of expensive maintenance

Ferrari introduced the Testarossa (Type F110) in 1984 at the Paris Auto Show. The iconic Ferrari Testarossa has developed a reputation as a money pit. Older Ferraris are not the most dependable vehicles to begin with. The Ferrari Testarossa uses a flat-V12 engine. This means a full engine out being required for even for the most basic servicing. The timing belt on the Testarossa requires an engine out change every 30,000 miles. Annual fluids for the Testarossa can cost $1,000 and brake pad replacements will cost between $500 to $1,395. Major service repairs to belts, gaskets, bearings, and seals range to $7,715.
These cars are reasonably priced compared to other Ferrari but buyer beware. One of the car's many problems are both hot and cold starts which are notoriously problematic.