Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Hagerty’s 2023 bull market list

Every December, Hagerty releases a Bull Market List that uses insurance data, sales statistics, and historical trends to select collector cars most likely to increase in value in the coming year. Selections typically beat overall market appreciation by an average of 14.5% and out of 51 total, 24 have appreciated more than 50% since being picked.

1) 2008–2017 Audi R8 (Manual): $154,000–186,700. Hagerty recommends an early R8 equipped with a classic gated manual.
2) 2003–08 Nissan 350Z: $37,500–44,900. The 350Z from the early-2000s has done very well for car collectors. Hagerty believes that should continue.

3) 1991–98 Suzuki Cappuccino: $12,200–16,700.
4) 2001–10 Lamborghini Murciélago: $302,700–342,700. Values are rising for Lamborghini’s last manual V12-equipped flagship. Hagerty says the Murciélago currently slots in as “a steal compared with comps.”

5) 1992–06 AM General Hummer H1: $105,000–127,300. Gen Xers make up more than half of all the H1s insured by Hagerty. “It was popular and then it tanked, now they think they’re cool.”