Monday, November 14, 2022

1971 Stutz Blackhawk - Elvis - $297k

Formerly owned by Elvis Presley. Presley gifted this car to his physician, Elias Ghanem. Copy of 1971 State of California New Vehicle ID registered to Elvis Presley. Detailed by George Barris. Odometer shows 31,856 miles. V-8 engine. Automatic transmission.
The car was built using the bones of a 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix. The General Motors’ G Body platform was decked out with upgrades and luxury appointments. Owners found mink carpeting, a liquor cabinet, 24-carat gold appointments and a cigar lighter. This Blackhawk runs on a Pontiac 7.5-liter V-8 with a three-speed automatic transmission. The starting price was a stupid $23k.

This is the second of four examples that Elvis owned. Recent auctions have brought in around $50k for top condition Blackhawks without an Elvis providence. Here.