Wednesday, March 22, 2023

1968 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro - $412k

YS-8051, listed in the Yenko Registry. 427 CI V-8 engine. Holley 4053 4-barrel carburetor. Muncie 4-speed manual transmission. Corvette Bronze exterior. Black interior. Original 140 MPH speedometer. Stewart Warner tachometer. Fewer than 20 of the original 64 1968 Chevrolet Yenko Camaros are known to exist.
1968 Yenko SCs came from Chevrolet with the L78 396 V-8 beneath the hood. The 396 short-block was swapped out for a 427 short-block before the 396's cylinder heads and aluminum intake manifold were bolted back on. The L72 engine was rated at 425 hp.
This American muscle car royalty appeared at Mecum with an estimate of $375k - $425k