Friday, February 3, 2023

1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge - $77k

First Super Stock Max Wedge built with a manual transmission. Chrysler Registry documented. Odometer reads 6,593 miles. Restored to original specifications with upgrade to 500-plus HP. 413 CI V-8 engine.
Chrysler was getting harsh reviews in 1962 on it's new styling. The saving grace was the introduction of the 413 Maximum Performance Wedge, known as the Max Wedge. The dual carb cross ram 413 produced 425 bhp and ran 12 second quarter miles right from the showroom floor. Balanced and blueprinted it was 500 hp and 470 Ft-lbs of torque.
The B-Body 413 Max Wedge was the perfect sleeper: even after everyone woke up, it was still unbeatable. 1962 Max Wedge Dodges and Plymouths were among the very first muscle cars. Production volumes using the monster engine were low. Dodge produced 298 while Plymouth built 214. There are some 37 1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedges registered. This example appeared at Mecum.