Sunday, August 21, 2022

Ferrari LaFerrari Prototypes

2011 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype M4. $715k. This car, the first of the Ferrari Prototype Collection offerings, was internally known as the F150 Muletto M4 development “mule,” an early first phase, or “first family,” LaFerrari prototype. Based on the Tipo F142 platform, better known as the 458 Italia, its aluminum chassis was modified to fit a LaFerrari drivetrain, powered by a developmental Tipo F140FB first-generation V-12 engine. Here.
2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype MP1. $1.5m. The prototype drivetrain of MP1 was based on the final layout arrived at by Ferrari’s engineers for LaFerrari. Power is delivered by the Type F140FD second-generation V-12 LaFerrari engine and prototype hybrid HY-KERS (Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery) system, cradled within MP1’s prototype engine-bay layout. Here.
2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype PS1. $2.5m. LaFerrari third-phase prototype, third family car. Internally known as F150 Prototipe Preserie PS1. This prototype is visually identical to the final car. Definitive Type F140FE V-12 with prototype ancillaries and components. Definitive pre-production hybrid system. Definitive carbon fiber chassis and tub. Definitive active-aero systems with prototype parts. Here