Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tesla Model Y nearly burns Vancouver man alive

There was no way out when a man's brand new Tesla Model Y shut down and then caught fire. The driver had difficulties exiting the vehicle and was forced to kick the driver’s side window out. There is a manual release, but in the heat of the moment the man couldn't find it. “Elon Musk moon boys are defending this to the death,” said the man when he posted a photo of the incident on Twitter. They accuse the video of being faked. The first spontaneous fire was May 14 in California City. The Tesla Model 3 was reduced to a blob of rubble.
The Tesla Model Y is a battery electric compact crossover. Tesla unveiled it in March 2019, started production at its Fremont plant in January 2020, and started deliveries on March 13, 2020. Base price is around $40k. The Model Y is based on the Model 3 platform. The Model Y shares an estimated 75% of its parts with the Tesla Model 3.