Sunday, September 25, 2022

1963 Dodge M-37 Truck

Odometer reads 2,087 miles. Sold with trailer.
Finished in Olive drab with matching interior. U.S. Army graphics. Canvas cab top. Rear mounted shovel and axe. Fender mounted gas can. Grille and headlight guard.
The Dodge M37 3⁄4-ton 4x4 truck was Dodge's follow-up to their successful WC Series from World War II. Introduced in 1951, it was used extensively by the United States armed forces during the Korean war. Between 1951 and 1968, some 115,000 Dodge M37s were produced. They were out of significant military service by the late 1970s.

Friday, September 23, 2022

1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge

First Super Stock Max Wedge built with a manual transmission. Chrysler Registry documented. Odometer reads 6,593 miles. Restored to original specifications with upgrade to 500-plus HP. 413 CI V-8 engine.
Chrysler was getting harsh reviews in 1962 on it's new styling. The saving grace was the introduction of the 413 Maximum Performance Wedge, known as the Max Wedge. The dual carb cross ram 413 produced 425 bhp and ran 12 second quarter miles right from the showroom floor. Balanced and blueprinted it was 500 hp and 470 Ft-lbs of torque.
The B-Body 413 Max Wedge was the perfect sleeper: even after everyone woke up, it was still unbeatable. 1962 Max Wedge Dodges and Plymouths were among the very first muscle cars. Production volumes using the monster engine were low. Dodge produced 298 while Plymouth built 214. There are some 37 1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedges registered. This example appears at Mecum.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

1971 Chevrolet Corvette ZR2 Convertible - $962k

1 of 12 ZR2 Special Purpose engine packages produced and only 2 convertible ZR2s. Unrestored with 8,702 miles, lowest mileage ZR2 known to exist. Documented with tank sticker, Protect-O-Plate and dealer shipping order. LS6 454/425 HP engine. M22 4-speed close ratio heavy duty manual transmission. Brands Hatch Green exterior. Black leather interior. J56 special heavy duty brakes. F41 special front and rear suspension. Auxiliary hardtop.

The option was $1,221, on top of the coupe's $5,496 base price.
The LS6 engine RPO was offered only for one model year - 1971. With 454 cubic inches, a cast-iron block and aluminum heads, the LS6 was second only to the L88 racing engine. The original LS6 produced 425 bhp and was the most powerful engine offered in 1971. Only 188 cars were produced with this powerplant, less than 1% of Corvette's 21,801 production run for the year.
So are they giving this hugely collectible 1 of 2 corvette ZR2 away? Probably not. The other ZR2 convertible made $440k in 2010. HERE. This example appeared at Mecum.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary - $800k high bid

98 miles, 157km. 1 of 657 25th Anniversary models produced. 5.2L V-12 engine rated at 455 HP. Gated ZF 5-speed manual transmission. Single plate hydraulic clutch. Independent front suspension with unequal length wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar. Independent rear suspension with upper lateral link and radius arms, lower reversed wishbone and radius arm, dual coil springs and telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar.
Lamborghini‘s most iconic model was in production from 1974 to 1990. Five models of its pioneering supercar emerged. The 25th Anniversary Edition was the last. A 5.2-liter DOHC V-12 equipped with six Weber carburetors spit out 455 horses and 370 ft lbs of twist. This is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

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Friday, August 26, 2022

1954 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible - $99k

1 of 2,150 produced in 1954. 64,000 miles. Functional factory headlight dimmer. Functional factory spotlight. Parade fiberglass cover for the top. Cadillac 331 CI V-8. Automatic transmission. Power steering and brakes. Power windows, seats and top. The Cadillac Eldorado returned for 1954 with its stunning price nearing $8,000.
Equipped with Cadillac’s state-of-the-art 331-ci V8, the Eldorado was offered only one way — fully loaded. The original Eldorado convertible was the “it” car, the one to have, the one to be seen in and the one that rose above all the others. Many marque enthusiasts and collectors regard the 1954 Cadillac Eldorado convertible as one of the most beautiful Cadillac models ever produced.
This award winner made $99k at Mecum.

2020 McLaren Sabre - $3m high bid

High bid is underwhelming for McLaren Sabre owners. Its said the car cost more than $3m.
100 miles since new. No. 11 of 15 produced by McLaren Special Operations. The most powerful non-hybrid road car McLaren has built. Designed and homologated for the U.S. only. Top speed of 218 MPH. Twin turbocharged 4.0L/824 HP V-8 engine. Stealth Inconel exhaust. Rated at 590 lb-ft of torque. Gorilla Glass engine cover. 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Carbon fiber body. Liquid Argentum with Gloss VCF and Liquid Papaya pinstripes.
The McLaren Sabre launched in late 2020. Based on the Senna before it, the Sabre takes the hypercar concept to new extremes with its twin-turbocharged 4.0L V-8 powerplant factory-rated at 824 HP ... 165 more than the Senna. The land rocket appeared at Mecum with a high estimate of $5m.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Ferrari F50 up for grabs = $5.1m

Chassis number 103291 was offered by Broad Arrow Auctions at their Monterey Jet Center Auction, 18 August. One of 55 USA specification models, this Ferrari F50 was an early build and has 4,891 miles on the clock. The car beat it's estimate of $4.4m to $5m.
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Sunday, August 21, 2022

1955 Ferrari 410 Sport Spider by Scaglietti - $22m

The Ferrari 410 Sport Spider was one of the most significant purpose-built Ferrari “big block” sports-racing prototypes from the 1950s. The 5 liter engined beast of 400hp walloped all comers. The racing machine from Maranello was a thing of great beauty and power. Chassis number 0032 MT campaigned at the Mille Miglia and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Carroll Shelby won more races in a 1955 Ferrari 410 Sport Spider than in any other car, and this is the example that he competed in.
Shelby won the first race that he entered in the car in 1956 and went on to take 11 victories and 19 podium finishes (out of 40 races) until 1958. "It was the best Ferrari I ever drove," he said. RM Sotheby's will auction this piece of both Shelby and Ferrari history in Monterey in August. The car made $22m against an estimate of $25m - $30m USD. HERE

1985 Ferrari 288 GTO - $4.4m

At auction in Arizona six years ago, the icon had 14,982 km on the odometer. Six years later that would be 15,004 km. 22 km was put on the car whilst it appreciated $1.7m. A 288 GTO hadn't broken the $4m barrier. Two recent sales were around $3.9m. This car is the first 288 GTO past the $4m milestone.

On the block at RM Sotheby.

Ferrari LaFerrari Prototypes

2011 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype M4. $715k. This car, the first of the Ferrari Prototype Collection offerings, was internally known as the F150 Muletto M4 development “mule,” an early first phase, or “first family,” LaFerrari prototype. Based on the Tipo F142 platform, better known as the 458 Italia, its aluminum chassis was modified to fit a LaFerrari drivetrain, powered by a developmental Tipo F140FB first-generation V-12 engine. Here.
2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype MP1. $1.5m. The prototype drivetrain of MP1 was based on the final layout arrived at by Ferrari’s engineers for LaFerrari. Power is delivered by the Type F140FD second-generation V-12 LaFerrari engine and prototype hybrid HY-KERS (Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery) system, cradled within MP1’s prototype engine-bay layout. Here.
2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype PS1. $2.5m. LaFerrari third-phase prototype, third family car. Internally known as F150 Prototipe Preserie PS1. This prototype is visually identical to the final car. Definitive Type F140FE V-12 with prototype ancillaries and components. Definitive pre-production hybrid system. Definitive carbon fiber chassis and tub. Definitive active-aero systems with prototype parts. Here

1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider - $5.9m

Luigi Chinetti and John von Neumann combined to convince Enzo Ferrari to instigate a Spider model for the North American market. The California Spider was, in essence, a roofless version of the 250 GT Berlinetta. 14 LWB (long wheel base) California Spiders were built during 1958, with the remaining 36 cars being built between 1959 and 1960. Chassis number 1077 GT is the final example to be made in 1958 and is the 14th of 50 LWB California Spiders manufactured.
Despite the new name, almost everything from the Series I Cabriolet was used, with only minor details such as larger rear taillights and an optionally-available hard top. The engine was the same as in the 250 Tour de France racing car with 237hp at 7000 rpm.
The car made $5.9m against an estimate of $7m to $8.5m here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Koenigsegg Jesko

The Koenigsegg Jesko is a hand-built, carbon-fiber-bodied supercar. Two versions will be offered, the Jesko Attack and the Jesko Absolut. Powering both is a 5.1-liter, twin-turbo V-8 designed and engineered by Koenigsegg. It features a flat-plane crankshaft milled from a solid steel billet. The crank weighs 28 pounds and allows the V-8 to rev to 8,500 rpm. All that means 1,600 hp at 7,500 rpm on E85 biofuel, and 1,280 hp on pump gas. Peak torque output is 1,106 lb-ft at 5,100 rpm.
The engine is connected to the Koenigsegg-developed and produced nine-speed Light Speed Transmission (LST) system that enables gear changes in virtually zero time from any gear to any other gear – regardless of how many gears are skipped.
Assembly will be capped at 125 units, with 40 to 50 being made each year with deliveries starting this spring. Price for the land rocket is something around $3m.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

1959 Porsche 718 RSK Werks Spyder - $4.3m

One of the all-time most successfully campaigned factory team alloy spyders. 1st in class wins at both the 12 Hours of Sebring and Nürburgring 1000 KM. One of 10 718 RSK Spyders built through Porsche Werks. The first Porsche to feature double-wishbone suspension A-arms.
718s were powered by the potent Type 547 “Fuhrmann” four-cam engine, with displacements of both 1.5 and 1.6 liters. With Weber twin-choke carburetors, these engines produced between 150 and 170 horsepower, and proved extremely reliable. Power was fed through a five-speed ZF gearbox with limited slip, and gave top speeds approaching 160 mph.
A benchmark in Porsche racing history, 718 RSK Werks Spyders are very rarely offered for sale. 718-006, boasts an incredible racing record in the hands of some of the era’s great drivers. The car made $4.3m against an estimate of $4.8m to $5.2m at RM Sotheby.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype - first-phase test mule prototype

The sale of 4 Ferrari prototypes is approaching. In May a 'F-150' 2012 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype crossed the block and failed to find a buyer against an €1.4m to €1.8m estimate. Here.

These cars can not be registered for road use nor can they be used on public race circuits. The cars are officially recognized by Ferrari, and are Ferrari Classiche-certified with an accompanying Yellow Book.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Supercar depreciation kings

2012 Aston Martin V12 Vantage. Original MSRP was $183,585 but has since plummeted all the way down to $80k for a pristine example.
2015 McLaren 650s. The McLaren 650s was built with a 641 hp 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Its MSRP was $265,500. Top examples can be had for $100k less.
2003 Mercedes SLR McLaren. Its MSRP was a whooping $452,500, but has since dropped to $280k or less, representing the world's top depreciating supercar.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series I - $6.8m

A masterpiece of Italian design, and among the most beautiful cars of the 1950's, only 40 Series I Pinin Farina cabriolets were built between 1956 and 1959. A 2,953 CC Tipo 128D SOHC alloy V-12 engine sporting 3 Weber 36 DCL3 carburetors produces 220 BHP at 7,000 RPM through a 4-speed manual gearbox.
Chassis number 0963 GT is the 30th car produced and is finished in Nero Tropicale IVI paint over an interior of Rosso VM 3171 Connolly leather. The only example of five built in this specification to be ordered new in black. Considered by many as the most elegant open GT Ferrari of the 1950s, the 250 GT Cabriolet Series 1 by Pinin Farina is the connoisseur’s choice for open air touring.

Exhibited at the 1958 Paris Motor Show, the car was sold new to Count Giovanni Volpi.
The car made $6.8m against an estimate of $6m to $7m at RM Sotheby