Thursday, May 6, 2021

1970 Yenko Chevy Nova

The Yenko Chevy Nova for 1970 used the LT1 found in the Corvette LT1 and Camaro Z/28. Even with the high-compression 350 cubic-inch LT1 engine, producing 360 horsepower, the Yenko Deuce managed to skate under the performance car insurance premium. 175 Chevy Nova Yenko Deuces were produced, 122 four-speeds, and 53 automatics. The final 50 of the Yenko Deuce were sent to Hurst for final assembly, and are noted by an “H” in their VIN. This is Yenko number HYS-171. It is one of only ten built in Sunflower Yellow, and the only copy in Sunflower Yellow equipped with the TH400 automatic known to exist.