Friday, May 14, 2021

1963 Plymouth Savoy

In 1963 Chrysler developed the 426/415hp Max Wedge Super Stock. These cars were factory built race cars that were sold to compete in factory Super Stock drag racing competition. Although they were sold to the public, the car did not come with a factory warranty. As tested in the January 1963 issue of Hot Rod magazine, off the showroom floor, these cars ran 12.69 seconds at 112 miles per hour in the quarter mile.
The car came with a 426/415hp 11.1 compression engine, cross ram dual 4 barrel manifold, two carter 625cfm carburetors, up swing exhaust manifolds, heavy duty TorqueFlite 3 speed push-button transmission, and 3.91 Sure-Grip limited-slip rear end.
18 1963 426 Plymouth Savoy 2 door sedans (Stage 1) are known to exist.
The car appeared at Mecum. It made $40k.