Friday, January 15, 2021

1965 Shelby 427 Cobra Roadster - $5.9m

A crown jewel of Carroll Shelby’s personal collection. CSX3178, was owned by Carroll Shelby from the day it was assembled in March 1966 until his passing in May 2012. One of five 427 Cobras finished in Charcoal Gray. In 2016, the car was purchased from Carroll Shelby’s estate by the consigner. It became the subject of a concours restoration, which returned it to its original Charcoal paint color and its original 427 configuration with a 4-speed.
Carroll Shelby’s lifelong personal 427 Cobra is the big brother of CSX2000, the original small-block Cobra. CSX2000 sold for almost $14m. CSX3178 is the only 427 Cobra Carroll Shelby owned from new until his passing.
The icon appeared at Mecum and made $5.9m..