Saturday, February 5, 2022

Bad Ferraris

The Ferrari 348 is a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive V8-powered 2-seat sports car produced from 1989 through 1995. The 348 was Ferrari's low point. The supercar was all bad.

The 348 had all the standard Ferrari problems without anything praiseworthy. Extremely expensive maintenance, poor reliability and bad ergonomics, the 348 has it all.
The Ferrari 400I is an embarrassing faux pas swept under the rug. Everyone seems to forget the 400I existed, and for many good reasons. Produced between 1972 and 1979, the Ferrari 400I was boring to look at and slow. Perhaps worst of all, dull.
The Ferrari Mondial is a mid-engined, V8-powered grand tourer produced between 1980 and 1993. Some Ferraris depreciate spectacularly. But the Mondial goes above and beyond all others. Overweight and under-powered, the Mondial gets dramatically outrun by virtually anything with wheels.