Friday, July 31, 2020

Porsche 550 RS Spyder

The Porsche 550 was a racing/sports car produced by Porsche from 1953-1956. The first three hand built prototypes came in a coupé with a removable hardtop. The first raced as a roadster at the Nurburgring Eifel Race in May 1953 winning its maiden race.

90 mid-engined Porsche 550s were produced, and it quickly established dominance in the 1.1 and 1.5 liter classes.
In its first version it made 108 hp at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 89 lb⋅ft at 5000 rpm.The Type 550/550 A is powered by an all aluminium 1,498 cc (1.5 L; 91.4 cu in) naturally aspirated air-cooled 4 cylinder boxer engine known as the "Fuhrmann Engine." It uses double overhead camshafts on each cylinder bank, driven by vertical shafts, actuating 2 valves per cylinder. The engine is equipped with twin 2-barrel Solex PJJ Carburetors and dual ignition with two separate ignition manifolds and two ignition coils.

Perhaps the most famous Porsche 550 was James Dean's "Little Bastard", numbered 130 (VIN 550-0055).
Of the 90 examples, 43 were built as non-race, customer cars.

The first 550 had a fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox. Starting in 1956, a five-speed gearbox was used. The Porsche team raced the 550 with outstanding success. The car was known as the 'Giant Killer' for a reason. It took down the greats like Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.
The 550 is among the most frequently reproduced classic automobiles.
In 2012 a 1955 Porsche 550/1500 RS Spyder sold for $3.685m at Amelia Island setting a new record price. Advertised as "one of the most genuine 550s in existence" at least two bidders agreed. Pre-auction estimate for the 550 Spyder was $2.2-$2.6m.
In Feb 2019 a 1956 Porsche 550 RS Spyder made €3 at RM Sotheby's
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Bugatti EB110 - Jermaine Jackson of Supercars

The Bugatti EB 110 is a mid-engine sports car produced by Bugatti from 1991 to 1995. 139 examples were produced.

1992 Bugatti EB110 SS
It featured has a 60-valve, quad-turbocharged V12 engine powering all four wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. The 3,499 cc (3.5 L) engine pushes 552 bhp at 8,000 rpm. It was unveiled on 15 September 1991. Bugatti announced the EB110 SS six months later. Horsepower was increased from 550 to 603.
The EB110 SS boasted a 0–60 mph time of just 3.2 seconds, leading to an incredible top speed of 216 mph.

Despite creating one of the most spectacular supercars the world had ever seen, Bugatti went bankrupt in 1995. A concours quality 1995 Bugatti EB110 Super Sport made $675k in 2015.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

1958 BMW 507 Roadster Series II - € 1,996,250

One of 34 examples exported to the United States, and one of 252 total production examples built. The 507 roadster featured an advanced box-frame chassis equipped with an upgraded suspension, four-speed synchromesh gearbox, and Alfin drum brakes. The 507 was clothed with breathtaking lightweight alloy coachwork.
A 3168 cc M507/1 V8 made 150 metric horsepower at 5,000 rpm. It was mated to a close ratio 4-speed ZF manual.

0-62 mph time is 11.1 seconds onto a top speed of 122 mph.
The 507 took BMW to the edge of bankruptcy and the company lost money on each 507 built. Production was terminated in late 1959. This example made € 1,996,250

Oz gold - 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT Hard Top RPO 83

120 XA GT hardtops with the option code of RPO 83 (Regular Production Option) were built. A huge Australian-made version of the classic 351 Cleveland, a mighty 5.8L V8 pumping out 300hp. The RPO 83 package added a Holley 780 carburetor, 2.25-inch exhaust headers and a clutch slave cylinder hydraulic pipe heat shield for added performance.
The car appeared at Grays July Classic Car Auction. The last owner paid $7,000 for it. The price was higher when the hammer fell. It made $ 300k.

Monday, July 27, 2020

1957 Ferrari 335 Sport

The Ferrari 335 S is a sports racing car produced by Ferrari in 1957-8. Four cars were produced.

It had a V12 engine with a 4,023.32 cc (245.518 cu in) displacement and featured twin overhead camshafts, two valves per cylinder and six Weber 44 DCN carbs giving a maximum power of 390 horsepower at 7400 rpm. Top speed was around 300 kmh (190 mph)
The 335 S has a dark history. When it raced at the 1957 Mille Miglia, a blown tire caused one of the cars to careen off the road and into a crowd of spectators. The driver, co-driver and 10 spectators were killed in the crash.
Grizzly association or not, the 335 S is one of the most valuable cars in the world. In 2016, a 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti sold for €32.1 million. Estimated between $30 to $34 million, the car sold for $35,711,359, narrowly missing the record $38 million a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta brought.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Supercar Blondie: poor girl drives supercars for a living

For those of us who drag ourselves to work every day, the daily grind of Alex Hirschi (Supercar Blondie) seems like something from a too pleasant dream.
“I’ve driven Ferrari 488 GTB, the 488 Spider, the Mclaren 570s and 540c, the Bentley GT3R, GT Speed and V8s, Mercedes AMG GTs, Lamborghini Huracan, and many others.” Grrrrrr says one who gets excited about the latest 'Lego' built ferrari, it being the closest thing to the real deal we can get our hands on.

Hats off to Ms. Hirschi she worked for it. “I have used the opportunity of living in Dubai to create an account like this [Supercar Blondie]. It is amazing to live in a city where supercars are seen on a daily basis."

Saturday, July 25, 2020

1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T - $115k

1 of 287 Hemi Challenger R/T hardtops produced in 1970. Matching numbers 426/425 HP Hemi engine. Automatic transmission. Correct B5 Blue paint with V68 stripe delete. Black interior. Dual 4-barrel carburetors.

Introduced in fall 1969 for the 1970 model year, the Challenger was one of two Chrysler E-body cars, the other being the Plymouth Barracuda. Chrysler intended the new Challenger as the most potent pony car ever and it was available with a number of trim and option levels.
The pony car segment was declining by the time the Challenger arrived. Sales fell dramatically after 1970. The Special Edition hardtop, available on either the base Challenger or on the R/T, added a number of features.
The Challenger R/T came with a Rallye instrument cluster that included a 150 mph (240 km/h) speedometer, an 8,000 rpm tachometer and an oil pressure gauge. A 1970 Hemi Challenger is a poster child for the most desirable cars from the muscle era.

New, a fully optioned Challenger stickered for around $5,156.
A 1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T made $290k in January.

This example made $115k at Glendale.

Friday, July 24, 2020

1967 Shelby 427 S/C Cobra Roadster

1 of 27 original factory 427 S/C Cobras produced. 10,760 original miles. Professional restoration. CSX3042 is regarded as the most original and correct 427 S/C Cobra in existence.

Every part on CSX3042 was original or NOS down to the smallest detail, including service items. CSX3042 retains its original magnesium Halibrand wheels and original factory installed Goodyear Bluestreak tires.
A clean, original, authentic Shelby Cobra is one of the most valuable American cars. Add the S/C “Semi-Competition” package and you have yourself a $2 million car.

The few S/C models used competition chassis intended for racing. Being a racecar for the street, the Shelby 427 S/C Cobra was the fastest road-going car in the world.
To contain wider wheels and tires, the body swelled with menacing fender bulges, as if it could barely conceal the throbbing 500 hp being produced by the cast-iron 427 V-8 within.

In 2005, CSX3042 underwent another professional restoration. In the world of 427 Street Cobras, the 29 factory S/C examples will always be regarded as the ultimate version. And in the world of 427 S/C Cobras, CSX3042 is the best there is. This 427 Cobra S/C made $2.8m in 2019 at Mecum's.
Shelby intended to race the 427 Cobra, and planned to produce 100 examples in competition trim.

In 2018 RM Sotheby's sold a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra 'Semi-Competition' for $2.9m.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible - $85k high bid

One of 241 GTO Convertibles produced in 1970 with automatic transmission. Two build sheets. PHS documents. Concours restoration to correct specs. Matching numbers L75 HO 455 CI V-8. Special ordered with T42 Ram Air hood inlet. Automatic transmission. 12 bolt Positraction differential. Power brakes. Power steering. Factory correct Burgundy finish. Red bucket seat interior. Black convertible top. 8-track player. PMD Rally II wheels.
The matching-numbers L75 HO 455 CI V-8 D-port engine produces 370 HP and a pavement-rippling 500 lb-ft of torque. That is backed by a TH400 3-speed automatic transmission that sends power to a 12-bolt Positraction differential.
The vehicle high bid to $85k at Mecum's