Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ford dealer selling 'brand new' 2005 GT - $399k

A Ford dealer in Illinois is trying to unload a 13-year-old ‘new’ car for a whooping $495,000. This isn't a Taurus, it's a GT and originally stickered for $156,595. The car is regularly maintained, and with 4 miles on the clock it's possibly the lowest-mileage 2005 GT left in the world.

The GT was inspired by Ford's Le Mans racers of the 1960s and built to celebrate the car maker's 100th anniversary. It’s powered by a 550 hp supercharged 5.4-liter V8. Ford sold 4038 of the supercars over the 2005 and 2006 model years.

The dealer has it listed at $495,000 with a Hawk Ford discount bringing it down to a more manageable $399k.