Friday, April 9, 2021

1958 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series I by Pinin Farina

In March 1956 the coachbuilder Boano introduced a new open Ferrari built on the 250 GT platform. One year later Pinin Farina unveiled a more refined version. Pinin Farina used its initial design as the basis for a more formal series of luxurious cabriolets that featured wind-up windows and Borrani wire wheels. The coachwork remained unchanged through the production of 37 examples, though the last few were built with uncovered headlamps.

A total of 40 examples were built with 3 prototypes. Chassis no. 0913 GT is the 25th example built. While the bodywork was the same the interior details and trim were customized to order, and it is believed that no two were ever produced exactly alike.

Exquisite in build quality and very rare, the first-series Pinin Farina cabriolets were built through 1959. These cars rarely change hands and are usually held long term by their owners for their collections. Very few ever become available through public sale.

Immaculately maintained this example is what dreams are made of. The car high bid to $5.5m on January 17, 2020. Estimate was $6m to $7m.
Chassis number 0789 GT features some bespoke appointments like side vents, short “bumperettes,” and covered headlights.

During its heyday, it was the most expensive Ferrari at $14,950. 0789 GT made $6.8m in 2019.