Monday, September 23, 2019

2001 BMW Z8 - high mileage = €165k

Bursting onto the world stage after a starring role alongside Pierce Brosnan in the Bond film 'The World is Not Enough', BMW’s Z8 was the company’s new halo car.

Powered by the celebrated BMW S62, it produced 400 bhp. In 2011 the original engine of this example was replaced at 155,067 km. Since then another 6,000 km has been added. The Z8 is a HIGHLY desired commodity.
Between 2000–2003, 5,703 were produced with 2,540 destined for America. The Z8 cost US$128,000, had an all-aluminum chassis and body, and used a 4,941 cc (4.9 L; 301.5 cu in) V8 engine. Transmission is a 6 speed manual.
The Z8 has it all ... limited production, eye-catching looks and superior performance.
This example made €165k in October.