Friday, September 27, 2019

1951 Porsche 356 Split-Window project - $100k+

In 1950, the still-tiny German automaker launched by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was two years into producing a new automobile. While it utilized many components from the Volkswagen Beetle, it would meet his definition of what a sports car should be. Although the Type 356-001 was a one-off mid-engined roadster, the 356/2 coupes of 1948–49 were rear-engine, their body shells hand-hammered of light alloy sheet over a wooden buck in an old Austrian sawmill. These little coupes would help establish a legend.

One of just 749 1951 Pre-A “five-digit” Reutter coupes built. Rare and desirable.
The first 356s featured a 1,131cc engine of 35 hp, meaning the first 356s had to be as light as possible. The bodies were crafted initially from light alloy. The early 1950s were good times for the expanding family-owned company, demand for the 356 soared.
The car was simple in design and straightforward to produce. This project car carries a low estimate of $100k.