Sunday, June 2, 2019

2019 Ferrari 488 GTO

Ferrari's harder, more extreme version of its 488 GTB is the 488 GTO. With a sharp cut in weight and a power hike to around 700bhp, the most powerful V8 Ferrari of all time will launch even faster than McLaren's 720S, taking 7.5 seconds to pass 124mph.

The Gran Turismo Omologato name has been used on the 599 GTO and the legendary 250 GTO, and misused on Pontiacs. A stripped-out cockpit and thinner glass cuts down on weight, while a beefed-up suspension and brakes smooths the ride. The 0-62 time falls from three seconds flat in the GTB to about 2.7 in the GTO.
Ferrari is one of the only automakers in the world that tells its customers whether they are allowed to buy a car. Limited edition, specialty models like the 458 Speciale and the new 488 GTO are instantly worth more than what their owners pay.

Only the elite get past the criteria. What are they? No need to even ask unless you own at least half a dozen classic Ferraris like the F40 and Enzo. ($2m and $3m respectively)