Thursday, January 16, 2020

1965 Aston Martin DB5 - 'The' Bond Car - $6.3m

One of two examples purchased by Eon Productions for the Bond film 'Thunderball.' Third of four examples built per Q Branch specifications and featured in 'Goldfinger.' Restoration completed in 2012, including refurbishment of all 13 original special-effects modifications.

The most iconic and recognizable Aston Martin ever built and the most famous car in the world.
Producers wanted two near-identical cars for various roles during filming. One was required for stunt driving and chase sequences, the other was for interior shots and close-ups.
The success of Goldfinger was also a success for Aston Martin, which saw DB5 sales surge. The most iconic car of all time, DB5/2008/R is the most legendary Aston Martin ever built.
The icon crossed the block at RM Sothebys in August 2019 at Monterey.