Saturday, June 22, 2019

1936 Auburn 852 Speedster

The Auburn Supercharged Boattail Speedster was introduced during the Great Depression to widespread praise for its elegant styling and incredible performance. The Speedster was one of the fastest cars on the road in mid-'30s America.

In 1936 came the 852, identical to the earlier models with the exception of the '852' on its radiator grille.
Power came from a 150bhp, 280 cu. in. side valve straight-eight engine, supercharged or unblown. The end was not far off for Auburn, and the company ceased production in 1937.
About 150 authentic speedsters were produced. Its signature “Flying Goddess” hood emblem is iconic of the Art Deco aesthetic.
A cool 1936 Auburn Eight Supercharged Speedster changed hands for $550k at RM Sotheby's in 2014.