Thursday, May 30, 2019

1939 Porsche Type 64

The advent of World War II saw Dr. Ferdinand Porsche forced to shift focus. He retained a vision to produce a lighter, faster version of his car. The Type 64 shares the same drivetrain and suspension as the Type 1 Volkswagen, it is otherwise very different. The chassis and riveted alloy body utilize WWII aircraft technology, while the original air-cooled flat-four engine was tuned to 32 bhp.
Only a single Type 64 survived the war. In 1997, the Type 64 changed hands for just the second time in six decades.

“This is Porsche’s origin story, the car that birthed the company’s legend, and it offers collectors what is likely an unrepeatable opportunity to sit in the seat of Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche."
This is the most historically important of all Porsche cars, period. It's a remarkable relic.
There is no estimate being offered for one of the most significant cars in Porsche's history. Millions certainly.