Saturday, September 14, 2019

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 'V-Code'

The Dodge Challenger was unveiled in 1969. The new coupe and convertible had dashing good looks. Owners placing orders for the first Challengers in 1969 had a wide range of trim packages and options to sort through. The Challenger also housed a number of engine options from Chrysler’s Slant-Six all the way up to a pair of big V-8s, including the 440-cu. in. Magnum Six-Pack in the Plum Crazy Challenger R/T offered here.
This early 1970 Challenger R/T from the second month of production has presence. The Challenger R/T’s second owner must have known what he had when he parked it in 1982 with the intention of completing a full restoration. Though he never finished that, he had the foresight to acquire and stash away a number of rare date-coded new-old-stock parts that would prove useful 30 years later.
An extensive restoration six years ago, the Challenger R/T was refinished in the correct Plum Crazy with a black vinyl roof.
The car made $165kRoughly 1,640 ‘V-Code’ cars with the 390-hp 440-cu. in. Magnum Six-Pack V-8 were built. The ‘V-Code’ powered cars are the rarest and most desirable MOPARs of the era, even over the 426 Hemi.