Monday, April 1, 2019

1953 Hudson Hornet Sedan at RM Sotheby's - $165k

Steve McQueen, at one time the world’s highest paid actor, racing driver, motoring enthusiast, and pop culture icon once owned the car.

This Twin H-Power Hudson was in his ownership and possession at the time of his passing on 7 November 1980.
The Hudson Hornet is likely best known for “step down” design. The car’s chassis architecture, and the way the body was mounted on it, meant that entering passengers stepped down modestly. This allowed for a lower center of gravity and improved roadholding. This is why the Hornet was such a successful race car, especially in the early days of NASCAR racing.
The "Twin H-Power" with dual single-barrel carburetors atop a dual-intake manifold provided 170 hp. Hudson Hornet 1953 model year production totaled 27,208 units.
An 8-tube radio was a $100 option.

The car made $165k