Tuesday, December 11, 2018

McLaren MP4-12C

The most affordable McLarens are the first built, and that means an MP4-12C, a car whose introduction was far from smooth and which McLaren needed to restyle, re-engineer, rename and relaunch after just three years. It came to market in 2011 without functioning navigation, with doors that many owners couldn't open and with handling like a brick on wheels.
The kinks were ironed out and the upgrades were free.But things change, and a car that cost £168,500 seven years ago can be bought for less than half that today. And it's a different car. The MP4-12C had a huge upgrade in 2012 which, among other things, raised power from 592bhp to 616bhp.
The engine has the same capacity, configuration and, post-upgrade, the same power as the latest 600LT. Overall the car has performed well and without major problems, but it is a bespoke automobile and that means expensive service and parts.