Saturday, November 3, 2018

GT3 cars the latest 'must have'

If you've got the money, supercar makers have a race car for you. Meant for 'gentlemen racers' prices start around $500,000.
GT3 cars are racing versions of the road-going supercars/GT cars that star in video games, YouTube channels, and print platforms. In GT3 each make of car is benchmarked and then "performance balanced" by the FIA to create a relatively level playing field. About 500 GT3 race cars have sold worldwide since 2013.
An array of events and series is open to GT3 cars, including some at tracks like Spa-Francorchamps, Daytona, Bathhurst, and the Nürburgring. The category is intended for (extremely wealthy) amateurs, so the cars offer features like anti-lock brakes and traction control.

The vehicles are much easier to live with than the highly strung GTE cars that race at Le Mans.