Thursday, January 30, 2020

1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro at Mecum

1 of 201 Yenko Camaros produced in 1969. Chevy loyalists revere a car dealer named Don Yenko. Yenko had a deserved reputation for driving, building, and selling dominating Chevrolets.

The Holy Grail for Chevy enthusiasts, these cars are among the most sought after Chevy muscle cars ... period.
427 CI V-8 engine. Hi-lift camshaft. Solid valve lifters. Hi-Rise intake with 800 CFM Holley carburetor. The L72 427, which Chevy pegged at 425 bhp, Yenko rated a more-realistic 450.
As delivered, Yenko Camaros turned mid-13s. Most were fitted with headers and slicks and in this form recorded 11.94-second ETs at 114 mph.

The car's iconic status is reflected in the steep rise in value over the decades. It is difficult to touch one of these cars for under $200,000. Hagerty suggests a concours example trends around $ 350,000. This example made $192,500 in 2018.