Sunday, August 20, 2017

Supercars burning spontaneously - Common Risk

Supercars spontaneously catch on fire. It's simply what they do. The engine of any supercar gets hot, and the consequences of that can be a challenge to control. Several years ago there was a global epidemic of Ferrari 458 Italias suddenly catching fire. A major league PR issue for Ferrari, the problem was eventually traced to a faulty adhesive used in the rear wheel arch assembly that overheated.

Most recently there has been a long string of Lamborghini fires. Lamborghini said it first discovered a fuel-system defect in 2015. Finally in late February Lamborghini announced a recall due to a defective evaporative-emission system that can let gasoline soak through its charcoal filter. Excess fuel vapors came into contact with hot exhaust gas and ignited.