Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Collectible Japanese Cars - Kyusha

The top-tier Japanese collectible has long been the $1M-plus Toyota 2000GT. Only a few short years ago, a $300,000 car, it has very quickly moved into the investors’ and collectors’ domain.

Nissan ‘Hakosuka’ GT-Rs from the late 1960s have increased three-fold in price to hundreds of thousand dollars. Below these 'blue chip' Japanese cars there is much potential.
The Mazda Cosmo Sports. The Mazda Cosmo is a grand touring coupé that was produced by Mazda from 1967 to 1995. Throughout its history, the Cosmo served as a "halo" vehicle for Mazda. Hand-built in low numbers, the first short wheelbase model is sure to be prized by collectors.
Nissan’s Fairlady Z432, equipped with the famous S20 twin-cam engine is a valuable car, but perhaps is dragged down by its similarity to the garden variety 240Z.
The Honda S500 is already a collector's car. Although the early model's foibles make it a sometimes unreliable driver, low production numbers ensure collector status. Consequently, their valuations already exceed the market price of a comparable S600 or S800 by two or three times in Japan.
The Bertone-designed first generation Silvia was Nissan’s attempt at a gentleman’s touring machine. With only a few hundred built, their collector value is guaranteed. As a driver’s car, they find great appeal as their running gear is essentially the same as the Datsun Sports of the same year.