Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lamborghini unveils soft-top Huracan 580-2 Spyder

The Huracan LP-580-2 Spyder is a soft-top version of Lamborghini's "entry level" two-wheel-drive sports car.

The Huracan LP 580-2 is less fast and powerful than the original Huracan 610-4. The $240,000 Huracàn LP 610-4, comes packed with a 602 horsepower V10 engine and all-wheel-drive traction. The hardtop Huracàn LP 580-2, starts about $40,000 less. It produces 573 horsepower and it's rear-wheel-drive, not all-wheel drive.
Since 1998, Lamborghini has nearly tripled its employees and increased sales from a few hundred cars per year to 3245 in 2015. A good reason for this growth is the new Huracán coupe, which in its first 18 months on the market is outselling its predecessor, the Gallardo, by a wide margin.

The Spyder can manage a zero-to-60 sprint in 2.8 seconds, versus the 2.5 from the coupe. All indications are that this Spyder is just as capable as the sublime coupe. The Spyder carries a $267,545 base sticker.