Saturday, December 31, 2016

'Barn-find': rare 8,000-mile Datsun 260Z

The term 'barn-find' describes a model of significant worth, hidden away and neglected for years, potentially subjected to the elements. This 1978 Datsun 260Z bucks that trend, as after 21 years in hibernation it looks in good to very good condition.

The car ended up hidden away in storage just a year after its owner had bought it in 1995.
The follow-up to Datsun's 240Z this end of production model has just 8,285 genuine miles on the clock, meaning it could be the lowest-mileage 1970s Z model in existence today.

The 260Z claimed updates and improvements over the 240Z including a 2.6 L (160 cu in) L26 I6, cast-iron block that produced 162 hp at 5,600 rpm.
This rare car is expected to sell for £18,000 to £22,000.