Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Most unloved car in the world - John Cena's Ford GT - Update

The cursed GT of John Cena is up for sale yet again, it's sixth. (8 if counting pulled sales) 635 miles on the clock and the car has managed to lose value with every sale. Low estimate is a bullish $ 1.2m. (A Ford GT recently made $900k)

Cena’s 2017 GT is headed to Mecum Auction’s, set to change hands for the eighth time since Cena originally took delivery in September 2017. That despite the fact that Ford bars original owners from reselling the car within their first two years of owning it.
Cena’s former GT has gone through a lot of drama, including the two lawsuits over its resale. Ford sued Cena and a dealer the car went through after he sold it, and both lawsuits were later settled while the car started jumping across the auction block on regular intervals. Cena had sold it on Oct. 20 of that year with almost no miles on the clock. It went from there to a private owner, who put nearly 600 miles on it.
The GT then went back to the dealer, to auction with 625 miles on the odometer, and across the block for $1.4m in August 2018. It was listed again the next month for Mecum’s Dallas auction with 626 miles on it, where it sold for $1.3m. Just a few months later, this now-removed listing came, and Motor Authority reports that it had the car listed at 635 miles on it—just 10 more than it had more than half a year ago.