Saturday, January 12, 2019

Affordable supercars

2007 Porsche 911 Turbo 6-Speed
Just about any Porsche 911 will show you a good time, but the Turbo variants have traditionally been the stepping-stone into the realm of supercars.

Porsche has been building 911 Turbos since 1975, and buyers can find a huge selection of 911 Turbos priced well under 50 grand. Pretty much every 911 is a future classic, so an older 911 Turbo marks you as an enthusiast rather than a budget buyer.
The Dodge Viper is one of the wildest supercars you can buy today. You can land a Viper convertible for less than $40,000. Vipers developed a reputation as a handful to drive as they lack electronic safety nets like electronic stability control.

While 2017 marked the end for the fifth-generation Viper, an all-new model is set to debut in 2020.
Aston Martin. Fast, powerful and elegant, these British exotics are the preferred car of James Bond for a reason.

A $50,000 budget opens you up to some of Aston’s greatest. Vantage V8s, DB7s, and DB9s trade for less than 50k, and even a V12-powered DB9 had an asking price of $51,990.
In its day, the Nissan NSX was called the Japanese Ferrari. The mid-engined supercar is fast and very precise, even by today’s standards.

The NSX is built with Japanese quality instead of Italian indifference, which means you need not be afraid of high mileage. There are many good NSXs to be found for $50,000 or less.