Saturday, October 6, 2018

1971 Datsun 1200

Those trying to guess which cars will become classics face a choice. One expects the VW Corrado, Toyota Supra Turbo, and Nissan 300ZX to all appreciate.
Unexpected treasures are going to come from further down the food chain. Who will preserve the basic Honda Civic, the humdrum Cavalier, the bone-stock Ford Fiesta, the pristine Nissan Micra? The future of classic car collecting will always belong to the specialty machines. For true rarity, one has to look for something so common it disappears into the background.
The Datsun 1200 was made by Nissan Motor Co. In Japan it was known as "Datsun Sunny 1200". The car was Nissan chassis code B110. It was sold in Japan 1970-1972, North America in model years 1971-1973, New Zealand to 1974, and South Africa to 1976. The Datsun 1200 featured macpherson strut front suspension with optional disc brakes and an economical 1.2-litre A12-series engine.

This model established Datsun as the top Japanese exporter of cars in the UK and Europe.