Wednesday, April 18, 2018

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

The Boss 429, the "Boss 9", is one of the rarest and most valued muscle cars from the era. The origin of the Boss 429 came about as a result of Ford’s desire to compete in the top NASCAR series. Ford was seeking to develop a "Hemi" engine that could compete with the famed 426 Hemis from the Mopar camp - the 426 Hemi Charger Daytona and the Plymouth Superbirds. The Boss 429 cu. in. OHV V-8 engine was rated very conservatively at 375 HP while actual output was believed to be well over 500 HP.
In 1969 there were 859 Boss 429s made by Ford, two of which were Cougars for the Lincoln/Mercury Race Division. There were five different colors available in 1969, and the only color for the interior was black.
#1 Concours examples trend around $450,000. Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world.