Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pristine 1997 McLaren F1 sold - Price Unknown

McLaren’s F1 supercar is an automotive icon. As such, an F1 with plenty of miles on it will still cost plenty; an F1 with 9,000 miles on its odometer recently sold for $15.5m.

So how much for a brand-new 1997 McLaren F1, still in its factory-packaging with 148 miles of production testing on the clock? The seller, classic supercar dealer Tom Hartley Jnr, didn't spill the beans and this mint-condition F1, unregistered, has a new owner.
Who could possibly look at this Yellow McLaren F1 and resist the urge to get behind the wheel and open it up? Nobody — except for one iron-willed Japanese businessman who resisted that urge for 20 years.
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